Larry and his Flask need your help

Larry and his Flask are raising funds in order to bring out their upcomming album. Fill the Flask is the name of the project (where did they get the idea anyway, it’s quite brillant) and any one wholikes to give a hand (or a buck) is welcom to join in. As usual with these projects there are lots of gifts and such, so you get something back. But hey, seen i’ve been painting the interior of a house for the last five days, listening to Hobo’s Lament like all the time, so I did ┬ájust put in some money to see (hear) what this new album will be like. I think these guys are worthy of your five minute effort to help them reach their goal. So go.

Any-one who did not know the band yet (is that  possible ?) you can read some more HERE, or check out their site through the following links.

So here’s a sneak preview on what they’re up to, and of course the links…

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