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Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band – Bless this Mess

  The Second album by Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band is out it seems. I guess it showed up a bit unnoticed, no big launch-announcements or such, which I guess fits with the image. Voted artist of the year (2010) on the famous Saving Country Music blog, and one

Daniel Romano – Come Cry With Me

His latest album is called « Come Cry With Me ». And I think the title is well chosen. Cause aside the fact that Daniel masters his music (both of them) and that he seems to have a perdy good idea of where he’s taking his songs, his lyrics

Eastbound Jesus – Northern Rock

Eastbound Jesus, Northern Rock, it couldn’t get any simpler in a way. Somehow it all sounds familiar, close to home maybe, or something you heard before, years ago on the radio, when pretending to sleep and your mum turned the music a little bit up. Do mums

The Howlin’ Brothers – Howl

  The new album by The Howlin’ Brothers, and I think I would have chosen the name, “Howl”  for a debut album, but they didn’t. It’s almost a surprise actually that there’s not another band yet with the name “The Howlin’ Brothers”, I actually did a little

Langhone Slim and the Law – The Way We Move

  While the french radio and television are overwhelmed with publicity for the last Lumineers album, there’s another great artist going allmost unnoticed. Although I’m personally not a great fan of the great pc dictator I cannot disagree with the fact that his marketing department actually came

Shinyribs (Kev Russell) Gulf Coast Museum

Gulf Coast Museum is the new album by  Kev Russell (Kevin russell aka shinyribs). So where should I start. I guess it would be when I got to know Kevin Russell as the frontman of the Gourds. It’s been a couple of years now (yes I grew