J D Wilkes and the Dirtdaubers

In the honour of the first orbi et urbi  tweets by Benoît XVI, who (with already some 1,2 million followers), is trying to wake up the sinners on the social networks of the world wide web, I thought I might just add a little stone to that 21st century crusade with a little music by J D Wilkes and the Dirtdaubers. The title of their last album (came out in 2011), and the title of one of my favourite songs on this album, is indeed « Wake Up Sinners », so that’s where the little twist of my brain came from.

The Dirtdaubers are from Paducah, Kentucky and is actually the first band of (Colonel) JD Wilkes, who most of you might know as the frontman of  the Legendary Shack Shakers, or for his critically acclaimed documentary « Seven Signs ».  Together with his wife Jessica, an other Shack Shaker; Rod Hamdallah and Atlantan, Preston Corn they form today JD Wilkes and the Dirtdaubers.

jd wilkes and the dirtdaubers

Right up to the last album « Wake up Sinners », the sound of the band was basically an acoustic one. A mixture of Appalachian, ragtime & hot jazz tuned up with of course their own more original style and experiences. With a sound which is quite coarse in some way, (or should I call that Low-fi ?) but through that quite true to the origins of the music they play, they compiled and album with covers and their own original songs. Apparently the sound will slightly change (like said on their website) but that’s for the next album to show I guess. I just hope that on a next album, Jessica will sing as much as on the last (or more) ‘cause with all due respect for colonel Wilkes (I for sure don’t want to offend on-one) she can sing, and her voice is perfectly adapted to the sound and the style.

Anyway, we’ll see, I’m quite curious to see what’ll be up next…

For now I just want to get back to the subject of the song “Wake up Sinners”, for a second. The song is originally written and performed Lloyd Smith’s Gut-Bucketeers (10 octobre 1930. (Vocalion 1560), but mostly credited to Jabbo Smith.

So here’s the version of Jabbo Smith, just because I really like this one, and I wanted to share this one with… anybody really….

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The Links are here….
official Dirtdaubers
their Facebook
their  bandcamp page  (buy the album !!!!)


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