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Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian need to make a record

Mr Fuzzy and the Barbarian ? For me it’s a first timer too, but hey, I like Beards. So this months kickstart-tip is about Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian. Even if the project is funded yet, add some more, the album might even be better. Checking out

Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band – Bless this Mess

  The Second album by Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band is out it seems. I guess it showed up a bit unnoticed, no big launch-announcements or such, which I guess fits with the image. Voted artist of the year (2010) on the famous Saving Country Music blog, and one

A Rose Garden – Eileen, Caitlin and Caroline

It hit me when I found the new albums by Caitlin Rose (“the stand in”) and Caroline Rose (“America Religious”). Suddenly I thought of Eileen Rose, and guess what, she too has been working hard on a new album soon to be released. Listening to the albums

Daniel Romano – Come Cry With Me

His latest album is called « Come Cry With Me ». And I think the title is well chosen. Cause aside the fact that Daniel masters his music (both of them) and that he seems to have a perdy good idea of where he’s taking his songs, his lyrics

10 reasons not to use to bleeding cowboy font

  Last weekend I received another cd using the famous “Bleeding cowboy Font”. I won’t tell whose it was let’s be kind. But I will say this, “I did not listen to it..”. Call me an asshole; call me a racist jerk; whatever…. I did not listen

Eastbound Jesus – Northern Rock

Eastbound Jesus, Northern Rock, it couldn’t get any simpler in a way. Somehow it all sounds familiar, close to home maybe, or something you heard before, years ago on the radio, when pretending to sleep and your mum turned the music a little bit up. Do mums